Join Zilch Today and Get £10 Free to Spend at Over 5,000 Shops instantly – No Minimum Spend Required!

What is Zilch?

Zilch is a Buy Now Pay Later service allowing users to spread the cost of a purchase into weekly payments with no added interest. Users can also earn a cashback “Reward” by paying for purchases in full using the Zilch card.

Zilch can be used at over 5,000 shops with just a few taps.

Does Zilch do a credit check?

Yes. Zilch does a soft credit check.

Can I use Zilch anywhere?

You can use Zilch at over 5,000 shops for free but alternatively you can use Zilch anywhere for a small upfront fee of £2.50.

Does Zilch charge interest?

No, Never. Zilch charges no interest.

What is my Zilch spend limit?

Every users spending limit is different. Spending limits can be increased by paying your balance back on time or early.